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Web Design / CD

Web Design / Screen Design

"Visitors like to scan a website and scroll down if you know the contents are worth it."
(Jakob Nielsen, usability guru)

Here, issues such as the perception of text information through optimum formatting ("Readability"), Modules, and boxes on organization and structuring of content and the use of animated elements ("Browseability") plays a central role.

It's about the design of the contents of a website on emotional appeal so that the core values of brand and business experience for the user feels a “living thing”..
In this way, you can also support your marketing goals and advance their achievement.


Not least, the design of the user interface reflects a website's corporate identity and thus the positioning of a company and this should be to strengthen it even more.

Accordingly, it is about developing a design that can be visually integrated into the corporate design of your company for a harmonious overall appearance of the company's support.

Whether you entrust us with a complete redesign and relaunch of the website - we judge tonal color, shape and imagery from all over to the demands of your target audience. We work both for existing design guidelines, but also develop them if necessary or make them brand new.

To support the goal of a uniform appearance, you will receive documentation - including a style guide. So the design concept can always be applied to a variety of media.