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Usability / UI Design

Usability Consulting

Usability is not just a buzzword in the media industry, but the highest quality feature of a website. It's basically all about the "use" and "usability" of websites.

What this means for you:
We respect from the first mockup to finished layout that the user must be effectively managed based on the structure side, so he reaches his goal as quickly and with little effort as possible, and has fun navigating through the pages. With the help of so-called usability testing, we account for the quality of the site.

A simple operation of the user interface is crucial to ensure that the user is satisfied and happy and will visit the site again. Searching for information on websites is now part of everyday life for most people, but if a prospective buyer visits your site, you have to communicate in less than 2 minutes!

Thus, a high usability of your website is also a distinguishing feature versus the competition site, because the next site is just a click away.

User Interface Design

It's not just about developing as nice a layout as possible and thereby to take one or the other design elements of your corporate identity.

User interface design is more:
The user should be given an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) if possible, through which he can cope with the increasingly complex processes and increasing information content on a website.

Only when the basic design of information architecture, interaction design and user navigation structure are consistent and targeted for, it's about supporting a functional design.