Creation of unique brands and trademarks
Development Time Frame:
4 Weeks
Target Audience:

The Business:

YOUR OWN BRAND specializes in product packaging and designing cosmetic and household products. We have 40 years of experience designing and packaging shaving and styling products in the related areas of facial care, oral care, hair care, body care, foot care, including products for children, as well as hair removal, sun protection, and mosquito and tick protection.

YOUR OWN BRAND also creates its own brands, among which are, KERALOCK (hair care and styling products), Balbini (bath toys for children), el capitan men (cosmetics for men), SYS-PUR (household products), and Arktos (over the counter products). Besides traditional packaging for branded products, YOUR OWN BRAND offers a wide range of services in the design and manufacturing of private-label products.

Founded in 1999, YOUR OWN BRAND GmbH has its headquarters in Neutrabling (Bavaria), with branch offices in England, France, Italy and Austria.

A blue color scheme is the basis of YOUR OWN BRAND's new identity. Combined with fine shades of gray and silver highlights, the brand is visually strengthened on the new corporate site.
The site's focus is on the company's products and services, which are shown in teaser-style boxes and enriched with elegant and effective imagery based on the products themselves."

Construction / Conception:
The latest technology and specialized knowledge are the two main structuring elements of this organization. This is reflected in the structure of the website, itself: Clear, uncluttered layouts, cool tones, and contrasting colors suggest the professionalism and reliability of the company.

Client responses:
“At the beginning of our collaboration with PSM&W new media, we were actually not entirely sure where this journey would take us. Together, we have developed our position in the industry and the result is exactly what we had hoped for: A website that suits us perfectly and truly reflects our skills.” (Wolfgang Kaldewey, Brand & Marketing Manager, YOUR OWN BRAND GmbH)

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