Industry: Production of hair styling and hair care products
Development Time Frame: 3 Weeks
Target Audience: B2C
Technik: TYPO3


For more than 40 years KERALOCK has been ranked as the specialist in the area of hair styling and hair care. Having started with home perms back then, the variety of KERALOCK products have been very much extended over the years. The brand, which is part of YOUR OWN BRAND, stands for premium quality and an innovative product assortment. As among other things there are hair colorings, color sprays, perm products, blonde dying products and hair color removers.

Besides the adoption of a newly defined design guide line, the focus has been set upon a friendly overall impression. To outline any competition, PSM&W new media has created a world of KERALOCK in the sensual tones of ground coffee. Articulative portrait photos complement the appearance and appeals to the modern women with style and of all ages
Repetitive teaser boxes give the website a visual structure and refer to new products and contact. We’ve created colored boxes on the individual pages for an individual impression of each product packshot and its description.

We’ve set the new website’s focus on a clear structure and an easy to follow user’s navigation. Symbols, pictures and application advices are on as well as assisting questions and answers regarding all products. Because the website addresses the end-user, most of the pages are dedicated to their expectations and demands. But also retailer will find a section for contact and queries.

Clients Comments:
„Because PSM&W new media has had the right grasp for our brand appearance YOUR OWN BRAND, we’ve trusted the company with the relaunch of KERALOCK. There were a few items that needed to be taken care of, but at the end we‘ve left PSM&W new media with all the freedom for the realization. Today we are surprised and glad at the same time, how the new website is capable to display our brand.“
(Wolfgang Kaldewey, Brand & Marketing Manager, YOUR OWN BRAND GmbH

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